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Our Founder Cheari Glow is a Native of Arizona. She was raised in Sierra Vista and grew up in the healthcare field as her father, grandfather, and uncle, were the main physicians in town. After graduating college with a BA in Psychology, she started her career in healthcare by first working as a Pharmacy Sales Specialist at The Apothecary Shop Pharmacy, (Now Avella) then got into the field of hospice and home care and placement services. Her father, Dr. David Glow, is a board-certified hospice and palliative care physician and they have worked together for several years.

“It was working with my father with our hospice patients that spoke the loudest to me. As the aging community’s health started to decline, I found myself helping people who could no longer take care of themselves and needing to find a new place to live that provided care.  There were times when our patients were in the hospital and we would be notified that they were being discharged with a very short notice. This was very stressful for the person who not only had to leave the hospital quickly, but now also had physical/mental ailments, and could no longer live on their own. This also caused tremendous stress for the family and friends, who were helping them. It became very overwhelming because they didn’t know how or where to look for help.


 Through meeting with care home owners and managers in assisted living, I became aware that the quality of care and living standards could be vastly different from place to place. I learned how to quickly distinguish the quality care homes and facilities, from the ones that were not. When I did find places that were nurturing, loving, safe, and clean, I was able expedite the move for our patients in a timely manner, and with minimum stress.

Seeing this need in the elder population, I decided to follow my passion for helping seniors and their families.


Our team uses our experience and knowledge in the community to find the best fit to meet our clients  needs while ensuring their safety and well-being.”

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